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Attempted Bribery At Hillsboro'?

Squire Dastardly

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Just read the Sam Baldock piece on the club web-site. He says Liera offered him money to miss the 2nd penalty. He then goes on to say that goals mean more to him than money. I should hope so too. If he scores enough goals he'll get the money anyway. The point is whether or not this was a serious attempt to offer a bribe. If it was then the matter should be referred to higher authorities. If it wasn't then I don't think Baldock should have mentioned it at all. Presumably the report was authorised, (if not ghost-written) by those who manage the official club website. Thoughts?

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I think you're probably right, in which case why mention it? Stunts and banter can have serious unforeseen consequences. Just ask those Aussie DJs

Exactly. What would have happened if Baldock was excessively stupid, and thought it was serious? That's potentially two careers over, two clubs images damaged forever...

Strange means to put someone off, in the current climate if corruption in sports...

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