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All This "turning A Corner" Crap


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I wasn't at the game today so cannot put my own opinion forward, however, from what I gather the performance was typical of our season so far.

My point though is that after our previous 2 wins, at least one player/staff has been quoted as saying that we've turned a corner. The following performance then did not fail to disappoint.

Personally I think the players get a tad over excited and believe that the job is done after winning one game. I would not give the squad the credit of turning a corner until they string together consecutive victories and going on an unbeaten run of at least 4/5 games.

The players need to understand that unless we can string together consecutive victories a few times in the second half of the season, we will undoubtedly be relegated. They need to pull together and be more realistic and not give themselves more confidence and credit than they deserve.

A bit of a negative post, I know, but I feel it is important to get this out of their system and face the realistic facts.

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