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If You Dont Want To Know The Score...look Away Now


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Credentials first.

Fan since 1956, followed City in all divisions. Saw Atyeo score 350th goal for city. Saw him cry when we beat Oldham to go up. Saw us beat Pompey, Arsenal, Chester etc...Lived in Midlands for a while and watched Wolves in 70's when they were wonderful with Derek Dougan, a star and a showman.

Cried in a car park in North Wales when City were saved from extinction.

So, i've seen a lot of football and the current crop of players are, in my opinion, the most over paid, over rated self important group i have ever seen in a city shirt.

From the back, Heaton is one of the worst goalies i have seen play for City. Glued to his line, talks a lot but no command of his area at all.Realise this will not go down well but if you saw Mike Gibson play you will understand. Goalies generate trust by being brave.

Back four? none of them worth their money....Tommy Burden, Mike Thresher and Geoff Merrick would leave them standing.

Midfield...do we have one? Oh for a Gerry Gow.

Strikers, well we've got loads who seem to spend most of the time on the bench. Which brings me to the manager. Shape? Tactics? Style. After watching all this football i am currently clueless about our current formation. I think the players are, too. Does Albert know? i doubt it after seeing him wandering across the pitch today.

OK. I've finished. You can turn up the sound again now.

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