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If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.

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I could get a bashing on here but I hope I get my point across as I believe we have to go back in time 4 months to August.

We won 2 home game playing attacking football, and who cares if we let 3 in, as we scored 8. This attacking 'flair' as it were kept the opposition on the back foot, and they created less (attack is the best form of defence). So something was working then, that isn't now.

After watching today, I looked at our attacking play. It was still. No movement from Tom Dick or Harry. A few times Albert went on a run to no where with 3 defenders and no one gave him an option. Baldock made a few runs but only once was it passed through to him (and even Elliott could have made that pass as he had so much space). Midfield went missing and we were run through.

My proposed line up would be similar to that vs CCFC and CPFC.

Heaton: Not done much wrong tbh

Foster: Was poor today, been getting poorer, but can attack at full back.

Carey: Carey and fonts started both games in August but fonts needs dropping. Carey adds an older head which has been missing. Experience is so valuable.

D Wilson: Good player, left footed. Give him a bloody go

Cunningham: Linked well with wooly, can attack well too.

Albert: Good dribbler, isolated today but linked up well with Foster and the front 2 early on.

Danns: Take over skuse's role. Sit deeper, pass it up to the front 2, win ball if he can.

Pearson: I know what your thinking, eurgh, Pearson. But he can drive forward as a late arrival in the box and can run a defences through the middle.

Woolford: 'Used to be shite, now he's alright'. Was great at the start, linked up well with Stead and cunningham.

Stead: Now the front 2 will probably cause the most controversy but Baldock and Davies cannot play with our standard of player. They would be excellent in a 'passing' team but not ours. Stead and Taylor just seemed to get the best out of everyone else which is why as a team we scored loads. They tired defences out, leaving Baldock and Davies to finish the tired defence off. And anyone who comes on here saying strikers must score. **** off, when these 2 have started upfront together, we have averaged 3.25 goals a game.

Taylor: See Stead

I know we want pretty football, but we have no decent passers. So get the big lads up front and get the midfield running past. We have average 2 goals conceded per game, but with this attacking plan we had in August and September at times, we scored over 3 goals a game. Plus without Captain undroppable, our defence should improve.


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Think much of our early success was due to fitness levels being higher than other teams, almost every player said 'toughest pre season as of yet'

What I don't get is we haven't given this a go since September. We are free falling, lets try and bully ourselves some results. It could very well be the fitness thing, but how do you know unless we go again.

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Think much of our early success was due to fitness levels being higher than other teams, almost every player said 'toughest pre season as of yet'

It begs the question to be asked "What the hell do they do in training each week?!"

More so, what does Fonts do in training each week? 30 hours of passing the ball sideways to his other defensive partner?!

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