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Mystic Mug

Robin Ashton

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Last night, Mystic Mug was consulted as to what the future holds...

Danny Wilson will successfully complete his loan spell. He won't play any more games or even sit on the bench - didn't want him to get a splinter, or his leg to go to sleep etc. It would have been a waste of money paying for a loan defender only for him to get injured.

Mark Wilson will get a contract to the end of the season. When Albert plays for Ghana, Wilson will play RB, and Foster in Albert's position.

Bates gets a 3 year contract, and is injured in the first game he plays afterwards.

McManus gets signed on a permanent deal.

At the end of the season Jody Morris who doesn't feature again gets a new contract, as City fans deserve to see what he can do on the pitch.

Andeerson and several other players signed during the Jan window don't get a look in. Apart from Harold Wilson who is signed to play on the left wing and striker Arthur Scargill, Despite both of them being non footballers, old and in one case dead they prove more effective than many of the pro players. Wilson is superb at ghosting through the opposition defence.

And then I woke up.

It was all a dream.

Or was it?

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