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Hillsborough Charity Single - Please Read Lovely People


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I am posting this on behalf of one of my best friends, she was directly affected by the Hilsborough tragedy and has composed this post which I am posting for her.

I'm DollyMarie's (very slightly >-<) older Liverpudlian sister, and having adopted BCFC as my second team a few years back, visited Brizzle regularly & lurked around these boards for a while, I know what a nice bunch you are :D So I thought it couldn't hurt to ask for your support

As you may already know, inspired by Everton Football Club's moving tribute to the 96 when the Hillsborough Independent Report released the truth about what happened that fateful day in 1989, the Justice Collective have released 'He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother' to raise money for the families of those who died in the disaster. As has now been proven, the Police* and the Establishment lied to cover up their own fatal mistakes and divert blame onto the Liverpool fans - a black mark that still exists in the minds of many people who even having been handed the facts, still refuse to believe them.
*(Please understand that when I refer to the 'Police' I mean as an establishment. Many brave men and women tried to tell the truth in their reports, but were silenced. However some have continued to speak out which has led us to this point and to tar them all with the same brush would be exactly the same as what many have done to us).
We have been fighting long and hard for Justice and we will not give up, but we DO need your help.
If you can spare 99p, please download the Hillsborough Justice Collective single and help us make it the Christmas Number 1. This year has seen some momentous moments for those who lived through the time of Hillsborough and they were moments we thought we'd never see. I know some people are getting fed up of seeing it on the news so often, but please try to understand, we've been fighting this for 23 years and no-one wanted to know. "You killed your own", they told us "Hillsborough was your fault. Your fans urinated on the dead and picked their pockets". Just imagine growing up with people saying that to you and the burning injustice. Just imagine 96 of your people coming home from a football match in boxes and the families being villified instead of supported. Those lies devastated a generation and put a massive black mark against an entire City and its people.
Now the truth has finally come out and people can see what we were saying was true all along. However long we have fought for it, and how wonderful it is to hear, the truth is not enough. This week the 'Accidental Deaths' verdicts have been quashed and now those responsible will face what they did, and another rung of the ladder will have been scaled.
Please help us continue the fight for justice, and help us to let the 96 souls who were killed that terrible day rest in peace and let their families sleep at night. The important thing to remember is that this could have happened to any club, to any set of supporters - this isn't about footballing rivalry, this is about courage, compassion, showing solidarity, the fight for justice, and setting the record straight.
To buy the single, please visit either:

As I know some of you won't have been born when this happened, and others won't know the details - to find out what the September 12th report said about the causes of the Disaster and the subsequent cover up & deflection of blame (summary) please visit:
If you'd like to read more about what it was like to live through the days after Hillsborough and why this matters so much, please visit this blog post I made on the 20th anniversary of the disaster.

Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this. Regardless of whether you buy the single or not, thankyou for reading - and have a very Merry Christmas. YNWA x


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