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What We Need In A New Manager - And Want We Don't

Barrs Court Red

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First off, I don't want Del to be sacked, although in all honesty the starting selection and resulting first half performance tested my patience.

Now it does seem the end is coming, personally I think a defeat to Ipswich would be the final nail in the coffin; though a win could see Dels tenure prolonged.

If he is to go, a name On a number of lips will be Di Canio. The guy has done well with Swindle, and this hasn't gone un-noticed. He his to be discounted out of hand though. Why? His volatile nature wouldn't be compatible with vocal elements of the City fan base. People would soon be on his back following the latest falling out with a player/fan/director. It would quickly end in tears.

We also need to avoid someone who likes to get teams playing negatively, or too directly. Ive seen Cotteril mentioned tonight and still have the texts from Forest fans describing their football under him. After 4/5 years of poor football I don't think any of us has the will for watching a negative style going forward. Play nasty to get away from the drop, but only with the promise of butter tomorrow.

Going forward were not gonna have money to spend, so someone with the balls to play youngsters and find someone bargains is a must. Someone like Billy Davies wouldn't like this reality.

Above all else, the next manager needs to galvanise not only a squad filled with players at all time lows (Fontaine for example) but a deflated support that is badly in need of a pick up. Thankfully Mad Mick has already found employment, so that is one bullet dodged, but the appointment has to be bang on the money, otherwise the ever growing gap between directors and fans will turn into a chasm.

I do worry the ideal candidate isn't out there. Previously both the announcements of Wilson and Johnson have had an uplifting effect. When Coppel was announced we all felt the club was taking giant strides. I think it's unlikely we'll see someone come in so uplifting, but SOD ticks a number of boxes and is available. I remain to be convinced he's still got it however.

One thing is for certain - no more cheap option unless it's right for footballing reasons, not financial ones!

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