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It Was The Players Fault

Esmond Million's Bung

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DMC has broken cover, Derek McInnes blamed a below par first-half performance from his side after City were made to come from behind at Millwall.

He added: "It could have been anybody being taken off just before half-time. At least we still had 45 minutes to do something about it.

Saw the subject and thought "here we go again" however, this is a good post.

A proper head in the hands moment from me who picked the side Del, he should of held his hands up and blamed himself not the players.

A reasonable reply. Has been evident for some time that the players are at fault, as well as the manager, who picks the team. He should not be off loading the blame on to the players.

I don't think this will help his quest in keeping a happy dressing room, 2 pissed off strikers, 1 pissed off winger, 1 embarrassed defender and a whinging Aussie, I nearly forgot the under employed camp comic.

Camp comic - Brilliant EMB!

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