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Mid Point Comparison 2011/12 - 2012/13

Carey 6

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Just past midpoint of the season, 25 games played, I've been keeping record of how we've been getting on and thought i'd put a few comparisons up.

Currently 5 points worse off than last season.

Conceded 50 goals, only 18 below the total of last seasons.

Scored 38 goals only 5 less than last season.

27 points needed to match last seasons total, with 63 points maximum available.

We only collected 22 points after this stage last season.

Make what you want of this, just thought it might interest a few of you. If we could tighten that defence up, we'd be a top half team easily with the amount of goals we're scoring. But keep same defence and i think we'll go down.

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