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Post Match Postings (Weather Free Zone)

Bristol Rob

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Sounded a dominant performance, not troubled at the back, created some good chances. Boro not in good form, but the "performance" was there, and the confidence is getting better and better

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snow forcasted middle of next week..good for us with Wolves losing,also we have profited 4 goals in the goal difference stakes with them..massive game nxt week and we may well have been able to sell more than the 1600 tickets allocated.not sure we could ask for anymore now either??

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19th - Sheff Wed played 36 - 43 points -9 GD

20th - Ipswich played 37 - 43 points - 20 GD

21st - Wolves played 37 - 39 points - 10 GD

22nd - City played 37 - 39 points - 12 GD

23rd - P'Boro played 36 - 38 points - 10 GD

24th Barnsley players 35 - 38 points - 13 GD

Looking at that, I reckon the usual 52 points to be safe maybe touch and go.

If Barnsley get a draw in the cup, that would help.

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