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Miah Dennehy

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I think we should agree that most fans from both sides did their team proud last night , and a few from both sides embarassed not only their club but themselves.

It was entertaining , I've paid far more than £15 to watch some games that were nowhere near as enthralling, and the best team on the night won, while the losers certainly made more of a game of it that many thought they would.

I've got a bit of a thing about watching local derbies, and have seen many different ones in England and Scotland , including a dozen or so Old Firm games, and there is as much passion and tension in a Bristol derby than any of them.

Any non Bristolian watching that on TV last night cannot have failed to be impressed by many aspects of the occasion.

I'm proud of the Bristol derbies and can't wait for the next one (even if I will sort of hate it at the same time!)


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