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What We Paid To Agents Last Season!

Portland Bill

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Just found this on a Yeovil site, re what we paid out in agent fees last season.

As for the Championship division that Yeovil Town now find themselves in, Blackburn Rovers are the Football League's biggest spenders on agent fees, forking out £3,538,034 across the year, with Cardiff City doubtless considering their £1,836,193 to be money well spent. Less successful were Wolverhampton Wanderers whose £1,676,300 gave them a ticket to League One. Bristol City spent £467,115 - more than ten times what was spent at Huish Park - to swap places with the Glovers. Blackpool were the good boys of the Championship, spending absolutely nothing on agent fees.

Staggering the amount of money going to agents,

467k by us.

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I just can't get my head around the idea that the club is paying money to agents.

As far as I can tell, an agent gets a fee from us as a result of his player( or possibly a manager) getting a new contract or signing for the club, and possibly being transferred out of the club. In each case I am guessing that the agent is sitting across the desk from the club's representative(s) negotiating to secure the best deal for his client - the player/manager.

If this is the case, can someone explain to me why the club has to pay the agent's fee, when he has represented his client and screwed the club for the best deal he can get? It's the equivalent of selling your house, the estate agent negotiating an extra £5000 on the purchase price, and then expecting the purchaser to pay the fees of the agent who cost him/her the extra money!

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