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I Respect The Manager More After Tonight

And Its Smith

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The team is young and needs serious time to gel. 7 games is not enough time. Thank goodness we have a manager who says it how it is and isn't scared to try to educate the fans along the way. We have a lot of fans who need to step back, try to take the emotion out of it for a second and look at the situation in whole.

Wage bill cut in half

All of the dross gone apart from Kilkenny

Blooding youngsters

Trying to play a better style of football (which will take time)

Attracted JET here. What a player

Signed a young tall centre half who looks to have a good future. Young though and will make mistakes.

Negative and impatient fans to take into account. This doesn't help, whatever you might think.

A hell of a lot going on and to change. Well done Sean for being principled and not being afraid to talk up. Look at our managers over the years

Russell Osman

Tony Pulis

Jimmy Lumsden

Keith Millen

Brian Tinnion

Derek McInnes


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Amazing those negative and impatient fans when they've seen us go 16 league games without a win. Sooooo short-termist!!!

I'd respect Sean a lot more if he had made the substitutions 15 minutes earlier than he did. It was clear the first half line-up wasn't working, bringing ob Harewood gave us a target msn and allowed JET to drop just behind the forwards - where he is effective. Bringing on Reid lit a rocket up the game's arse.

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I lost a bit of respect for him after he went way over the top about the pitch invasion on national tv. All he really needed to say was that it was stupid and wrong and then move on. Not spend the best part of 5 minutes slagging the fans off to the world. The invasion was no more than bravado and without his comments would have been nothing more than a footnote in the media the following day.

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Wouldn't class McInnes or Millen in that group.

Both real nice guys who tried their best but wasn't quite up to standard. What gets me about City fans in general is that they don't want a nice guy they want a mean 'orrible **** and that's what we have in O'Driscoll who seems a very surly spikey chap and fans still are not happy. I agree that his comment post Rovers was little over the top but other than that hasn't said anything oiut of turn in my humble opinion.

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