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Sod Replacement?


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Is ANYONE actually calling for his head?

I've not seen anyone actually say they want him out, just lots of people talking about people wanting him out

Somebody asked whether he should be replaced yesterday. Lots of "No" replies. Not sure whether there were any "yes". Few and far between if there were.

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This same question is always trot out each time the managers position is in doubt and is, in my opinion, a spurious argument. There are plenty of alternatives out there and anyway, it isn't our job to find one. That's the job of this incompetent and unfit for purpose board.

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Duncan Ferguson

Massey Ferguson,

(if nothing else, it'd pi$$ off Ipswich fans :) )

No sod that sod Bristol City too sod it all, Bristol City needs SO'D right now, we'd be well and truly f##@ked if our manager decides sod this and SO'Ds OFF ... He's being honest, it's gonna be a long haul,and he's doing an almost thankless task at the moment... No pain no gain, it will come good eventually for our long suffering fans and under achieving football club.

It's not SOD's fault, it's down to several other sod's getting things wrong for far too long ... and a handfuls of nimby activists with their own agendas haven't helped one bit.

Come on Bristol City, Come on the City of Bristol....

We won't let the sods get us down, and we can't afford to let SO'D down either.

In SO'D we must trust, we always believe & given time and a bit of luck, hopefully we'll all be thanking SO'D .... Amen.

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