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Have We Been Brainwashed?

i hate you butler

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They also say people who use long words and complex ideas confuse people who lack the attention span and perspective to pay any attention to them.

SOD his flaws but bullshit certainly isn't one of them.

Round pegs in round holes he said. That was bullshit wasn't it?

Baldock lone target to head-height pumps, O'Conner centre half, Bryan centre mid, etc etc etc

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they say bullshit baffles brains

People will attack you, but I think we've all had the wool pulled over our eyes. We were all quite flattered by having a thinking man's manager. Trust in SOD and his revolution and everything will be sorted in the end - wasn't that the general message?

The longer this season goes on the more it resembles seasons we've all seen before. But wait! The depth of our problems are so insurmountable that no quick fix will do. You can't expect instant solutions, patience is the order or the day. It'll be patience into October, November, December and so on. In fact it'll be a case of patience from here on and forever.

I started a thread last week about progress. Well, we still can't hold onto a lead, we still concede late goals and we still can't win in the league.

I can't help but think that we might as well had hung onto McInnes at least he had a bit of passion and ambition. I've had enough of SOD and his philosophical musings. I want 3 points and a bit of hope.

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None so blind as those who cannot see "transition" i.e. the decline, will continue until we hit rock bottom; my club is falling apart and "The Boring One" is not helping at all.

Rudderless, leader-less, around and around we go, tick, tock, Sod, zzzzzzzzzz

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