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Defensive Problems

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How many years have we struggled to keep a clean sheet. Considering we got to the Play Off final in 2008 purely on our ability to defend, why has even relegation not stopped this plight.

Are the back 4 to blame?

Are we not defending as a team?

Is it poor defensive tactics?

Has the goalkeeper got no ability to command a defence?


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3 consecutive managers who appeared to have no idea how to coach defending seems to have something to do with it. Millen was still claiming he would have got it right as the door closed behind him. SOD is intelligent and articulate but there is so far no evidence that those qualities make any difference at all on the pitch. Still, those who hated Johnson's "boring" football and said they would be happy to lose entertaining high scoring games are loving every minute. Being hard to beat has to be the first objective when building a team imo. Alan Dicks was not averse to kicking teams off the park in his early days for instance and Johnson was at his best in organising average players into a hard working unit prepared to die for the cause. The problems started when average players decided they were something more than that and when we started to splash the cash, partly under pressure from fans for "names". Still, none of Johnson's successors has shown any sign of being able to organise a piss up in a brewery.

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