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Bring Back The Annoying Goal Scoring Music!


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Just heard Chelsea Dagger song and it reminded me of when we had music to celebrate us scoring and the Dolman stand moving. Yes it was blinking annoying at the time, but I'd give anything to hear the Fratellis belting out once again or several times a game, ok even once will do if we can keep it tight at the back.

I assume we stopped the goal scoring music, haven't heard it for a while!

*matchday madness*

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So it's still possible I might get my Chelsea Dagger moment, fantastic! At least it will be a chance to jump around and get warm, can't wait, all we need to do is score!

I'd love it if it was actually played tonight just for a sheer p-take!

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That song as goal music reminds me of that QPR game on the first day after being promoted. 2-2 I think, good game!

I don't really like Goal Music at all though, worst ones we've used are "I feel good!" and "Amarillo"!

Amarillo?? Bloody hell that's bad. Can't remember that!

The worst one for me is glad all over by the Dave Clark five. Palace and B'pool sing it, makes me shudder...

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Hi Laner,


im the mid week match DJ... Cue the abuse.......


Chelsea Dagger is a cracking track! however I agree with fellow posters, goal music isn't the way forward.


Every midweek match that I DJ for i'm always connecting to fans for your input to bring back that special feeling to AG.


My twitter accounts: DanielFry23 follow me to get your requests in for future mid week matches.

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