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Kilkenny Sent Off For Pne


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Just heard that the player who should have been sent off (Garner) went on to score both goals for Preston in their 2-1 win!  :ph34r: How do the FA deal with this one  :facepalm:

Pretend they haven't noticed.

Form a commitee, to look into the advisability of looking into this.

Concentrate on the cup, round two coming soon.

Be too busy with 150th celebrations.

Remember that Preston are a nice, famous old club, and that Tom Finney would like it if we turned a blind eye on this.

Play golf first.

Sleep on it. Or just sleep

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Not that bothered about them. A good player in form who won't be playing Saturday is all i care about.

I agree with you.

What I'm thinking though is that if it were us that had a an opposing player score two goals.... after he should have been sent off.... as a football fan, I would be pretty pissed off.

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It would obviously be disrespectful, unloyal and I'd be running the risk of having accusations of bullying and scapegoating thrown at me if I dare say a word against such an affable, committed City player. So I won't do that.

We all noticed how PNE did better with 10 men last night, I see.

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