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What Has Our Chairman Got To Say?


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Maybe some of you are baffled like me that a football club can have a Chairman who if not invisible never speaks to the fans (or other important people in the Club?). This is a codge-up following the Ashton Vale fiasco. It's right at the heart of the problems our club is facing.


If this is not a situation that spreads uncertainty from top to bottom then I'd like to see one.


How can you have any organisation where it is unclear who is leading?


The Lansdowns are our benefactors but also our biggest obstacle. They spend a lot of money choosing the wrong people and then interfering in what they know little about.


It's a massive mistake sacking SOD now and if our players confidence was low before this latest cock-up where will it be now?


I believe the Lansdowns have to make up their minds what they are doing. If Steve is in then he has to be Chairman, if not then ..............................

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Trouble with people in recruitment is that their view on what makes good business revolves around hiring and firing.  They have little contact with companies who make good long term appointments.  With our Chairman from a recruitment background, the hiring and firing mentality seems to be endemic.  

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I'm guessing this press conference will be on bbc Bristol? Getting funny looks in my lecture with it on!


There was no mention of the usual bull**** about the departing Head Coach in the email from the "Proxy" Chairperson.


Should be interesting what Jon says about SOD (because of course Dawes is too shy to speak to us). Poor SOD. Came to city because he saw potential that wasn't there when he looked at the job before. turns out he was looking at a mirage or virtual image of City created by our suits.

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