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Strange Attendances


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So, trying to get away from the gloom and doom that is our current season, has anyone got any strange attendances they remember from over the years?

I seem to remember a game against (I'm going on a whim here) Colchester or Cambridge United where the attendance was 7777. Must've been late 90's as I was still in school at the time. I remember there being a cheer from the B block of the Dolman (where I used to sit as a young un) as the attendance was read.

Also, remember when the G*s score would always be put up on the scoreboard if they were losing?

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Amazing to think now that in our 1st season in the old division 1, our last three home matches of the season ( admittedly against Manchester United, Leeds United and Liverpool ) amassed over 100,000.


Give one of the largest cities in the country something worth watching and they'll turn up. Give them 2 wins in 3/4 of a year and a load of mumble and they won't.

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