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If you can't get it right on the pitch, how about giving the fans something that they enjoy, an atmosphere.


Over the past few years every ounce of passion seemed to have been sucked out of the club by those who run it. I am all for a family driven approach, however, the board have to remember that families are not a huge section of football fanbases. What is, however, is men who have been working all week who want a couple beers, sing without caring and to vent some passion - all of these things seem to be being stigamtised as negative factors. I imagine people are reading this post with pre-determined negative connotations that I am a hooligan.


I most certainly do not condone viloence, there is a line and that most certainly does cross it. However, what I do love is having a few pints, signing passionately and not being frowned at by families nearby. There is most definitely a place for both in football, however, out board simply see it as an either or situation in my opinion.


Keep the Atyeo and Williams family orientated, however, please just relax things in the Dolman and East End.


I think this club could fall rapidly if it continues on its existing model of trying to become 100% family driven (don't forget football's routes) and uninspiring football on the pitch. What incentive for people like me are there to turn up if there is a sterile atmosphere with no entertainment on the pitch?




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