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Tackling Tamworth With The Tactical Genius

triumphant return of TG

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People often say to me, "hey TG, it's the FA Cup, who do you want to get in the draw, Man utd away?, arsenal away?, chelsea or liverpool away?" and i say every time. No, I am the Tactical Genius, so I am hoping for someone crap, at home. And in essence, this is what we have in this tie.


I really feel that if we can stop Aaron Brown, a player we know a lot about, from playing we are home and dry. For here are my winning tactics.....


Keep the ball in the air. Baldock will feed off knock downs. So what better way than to pump the ball long towards their centre halves. We all know defenders at their level are bobbins, I mean - look at some of ours, really. So we know that Baldock can feed off their knock downs and get plenty of shots in. As a result my advice to those travelling is don't stand too near the goals, you'll get hurt.


Knock it long. By-pass the midfield. Please.


With the Ashes in good swing, i have been imploring our players to sledge the opposition. We all know non league sides are full of bankers. And postmen. So I have told JET to go strong with the barking impressions. Their back four will be so scared he can run at them all day. We've been practicing him falling over imaginary post bags all week, as I shout at the ref from the touchline Chris Waddle's immortal word "PELANTY".


Victory is ours for I am the Tactical Genius and this is my triumphant return. Keep it real, Keep it in the air. Stick your tv on and have a sunday afternoon snooze.



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