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First Team Signed City Shirt For Sale To Benefit Cancer Charity And School

Pickled Onion

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Despite the ups and downs of the last few weeks hope someone out there on OTIB might be interested in the following ..... .


You may recall from seeing the Evening Post, BBC Points West etc. that Sean O' Driscoll took Bristol City's first team into Stoke Lodge School recently, in support of a young pupil who is raising money for Cancer Research after her Grandfather was diagnosed.  Link to the story as follows: http://www.bristolpo...tail/story.html


During the visit, Sean kindly donated a team-signed, medium-sized, Blackthorn shirt to the school, to use as the school wished.  It has now been decided to auction to raise funds to benefit the school and the Cancer Research fund equally.


So if anyone is looking for a very rare shirt for a Christmas present signed by the City team and Sean O'Driscoll, we have the ideal one!  If you're interested, please pm me with a bid. I will keep all interested parties up to date with highest bids up until the closing date of Monday 16 December.  


Would really appreciate it if this thread could simply be about raising funds rather than people's opinions on Sean O' Driscoll!  Thanks all and let's hope we raise some much needed funds for a local school and a great charity.


Cheers and COYR!






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Hi Sleepy1968 plus anyone else who is interested.  Shirt is still available and bids are being received - thanks to those who have expressed an interest and offered a bid.


Sorry, advised we can't do this on e-bay as school has offered parents opportunity to bid also.


If anyone is interested in the shirt and would like to see pictures including sizing label, please pm your email address and I will happily send photos over.  Then tell me your bid and I will add it to the mix. 


Please don't shoot the messenger if method of selling doesn't suit!  Just helping out and trying to spread the word ....


Bidding is open until end of Monday 16th December.  Thanks. 

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