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Guest Ciderhead Reynolds

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I'm going to try a step-by-step :Costumed89: :Costumed19: , wish me luck;

Click on your username (top left of this screen),

Under where your name is in bold, you will see 5 options (find al posts by this member etc) Select Avantar Options

Open a seperate web page which contains the image you wish to see on your profile( the best sizes are 64 by 64 pixals).

Right-click the image with your mouse, a list of options should now appear, select properties at the bottom.

Copy the Address: (URL) into the space marked Enter a URL to an online avanter image.

God willing once you press Update Avantar your image should appear :Costumed89:

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Could be easier if you:

Save the image you want to your desktop.

Go onto your image avatar settings in your profile.

Click browse on 'upload a new image from your computer'.

Choose the image that you want from your desktop.

Update avatar settings.

Hope this helps.

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Guest Champagne Football

I think it is too big? possibly try a different image, like one from the gallery and see if it works, if not contact the administrator.

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