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Why blame Cotterill for the board's consistent incompetence?

BCFC Jordan

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I love Steve Lansdown for his backing of the club but the board is the main factor behind our current situation.


Managers come and go but we've been consistently mismanaged for a long time now, despite chucking money at everything 4-5 years ago. Cotterill gave us our best season is living memory for many last year. We got 99 points for crying out loud. We recruited well for once and it paid off. This summer was clearly an absolute disaster, it was obvious even in July. Our best summer of recruitment in 13/14, a one off if you will, and the board decide to do the exact opposite this season, letting players from an already small squad leave, players capable of performing at this level, and players that were vital to the incredible team spirit we harnessed last season. Not targeting the best talents in the lower leagues which supporters had wanted for years and when we did finally do it, it brought us success. What do we do instead of that? Sign one player. One.


Complacency from the board it seems (although I don't know how they managed to think that way because it clearly wasn't going to work). We really could have made a good go at building on last season's efforts but are squad was decimated and Cotterill was left in the lurch. Managers come and go but the same mistakes still happen. Sacking Cotterill would be stupid and a real sign of short-sightedness. If you're not going to back a manager that produced such a spectacular season when we're on the verge of moving into a new stadium and have all the momentum in the world, what's the point? Any other club would have made the most of the positive vibes from last season - not destroy it all before the season's even started with that transfer window.


Don't get me wrong, SC has frustrated me numerous times (particularly with his use of JET and failure to offer him a contract) but if he's not going to bring us success in the Championship after the season he led us to last year, I doubt anyone will. Last time we were in the Championship we ended up sacking a manager a season to little or no effect. We were seemingly repeating the exact same season year after year, until eventually we succumbed to our demise.


If we'd have recruited well in the summer, Cotterill would have us much higher up the table and people wouldn't be criticising the formation that had us playing such attractive football last year, along with an organised defence. Team spirit and recruitment was key. The board failed us in the summer in both aspects. The board let SC and the fans down.

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You believe that Cotts had no say in selling these players? Or no say in players he could buy? For me he was to busy chasing championship quality that wasn't viable when he should have been buying more wisely from abroad and lower leagues.

You must remember he had two months more than everyone else to rack up transfer targets and get ready for the window.

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