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I presume the Bristol City players will not come back home?

Never to the dark side

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20 minutes ago, phantom said:

That was after PNE away the players went straight up to Bradford - assume that was different circumstances to now

Pretty sure they go on Thursdays for Saturday away all the time.

Would expect them to stay up for the Derby game, Cotts seems keen on travelling well in advance. Seems to think it tires the players if they travel the day before,  can't think why a couple of hours sprawled out in a luxury coach should make that much difference, especially when they can sleep in their own beds.

Surprised they don't fly like Arsenal!

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27 minutes ago, Kid in the Riot said:

This has been the usual arrangement under SC and to be fair it worked well last season. Let's hope it works well in the coming week because he needs a couple of good performances.

I think he thinks it`s a good bonding thing as well. I`m not sure how many of our boys are single lads with no WAGs to get back to but think it could be a few. I know Korey`s got family and Wilbs` lot are still living up north but that`s about as much as I know about their lives outside the club.

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