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does anyone answer the phone at ashton gate?


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Phones and communication in general  has been crap for years - it doesn't take much to install extra phone lines during building works, so I've never bought all of this "Ashton Gate is all over the place at the moment".


Things have improved slightly from my own personal experience, but in general we're still a long way off.

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Well I'm appalled at the 'service' I've experienced today. Tried to buy Reading away tickets online and the site just wouldn't accept my order even after I'd chosen the tickets, assigned names to them put in my details, payment details etc etc etc, it kept just going round in circles and there was no way I could complete the order.

My card wasn't declined or anything like that it just simply wouldn't work!

So, I phoned them and a guy answered asking if I wanted to order a key for a Peugeot! I checked the number and I had dialled correctly! 01179 630600.

Some sort of crossed line that I didn't think could happen anymore!

So I rang again and held on the line for ages and ages - NO REPLY!!

Fuming as this whole process has taken the best part of an hour to get nowhere!!

I used Ticketmaster last night to order some event tickets as Xmas pressies, very smooth process, all went fine, all done in a matter of minutes.

How can others get it so right and our club gets it so wrong?!!!!

Seriously, I thought our ticketing problems were behind us, I dunno if I can even be bothered to go to Reading away now. It all seems too much hassle for our club to sell us a ticket!


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I rang yesterday morning as online no tickets showed for the Charlton game.

Took about 5 minutes to answer but there were no tickets. They told me some 'may become available this pm'.

I rang back around 3pm, five minutes to answer, two tickets bought.

Why you have to call twice and why they don't appear online is a bit puzzling. Otherwise a pretty good service in my case.

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Are people having problems online trying to assign an owner to a ticket?

Are you assigning, and then when you get to the next screen the owner field is blank with a Red Cross?

I can't remember the available click buttons, but there is a "continue" or something like that.  I assumed several times that the Red Cross would stop me progressing.  It didn't. I just pressed that, and progressed no issues at all.

So might be worth trying again, and see if the above works?

Its not intuitive by any stretch of the imagination.

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10 hours ago, Marina's Rolls Royce said:

Just ring the Sports Bar & Grill.

Joking aside you can ring another department and they can try and put you through, but they are still faced with the same problems. It's no good taking your frustrations out on them either.

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