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Losing faith fast...

Lack of Action Man

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I'm beginning to find it very hard to maintain belief in SC and the coaching staff. We have now conceded 3 or more goals 7 times in all competitions. For me that is simply unacceptable. Whilst we can look at our inadequacies in midfield and issues in defense, failure to identify the root cause of our woes and come up with a solution lies solely at the door of the management. Moreover, I'm extremely concerned that SC is proving unable to inspire confidence in a team desperately needing it. I am struggling to see any change in the players mentality going into matches, nor do we ever seem to be that much improved in the second half of matches.

For as much as we all love to hate Tiny Pencil, there is no way that if he was in charge of a team at this level that were lacking in proven quality , they would be conceding as many goals as easily as we are. I love attacking, expansive football - but it has to reflect the standard of opposition you're up against. To repeat the same tried and now failed philosophy is suicide.

I can keep the belief in the players, so long as they continue to give 100% for the shirt. The last time we were in a relegation dog fight, we had players who really didn't want to be here, with a totally inept management set up. My only hope is that our current squad doesn't lower themselves to a similar standard of professionalism.

Lastly, happy new year fellow reds. Let's hope that a new year brings some form of new fortune.



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