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Just woken up


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Lego Star Wars, Quality Street and updating OTIB got the better of me and at 2 - 0 I retired to the sofa and dozed. Sad to say but I hope today is a Tinnion moment. I'd not wish anyone the sack but Cotterill is not up to the job. That's been apparent all season. Talking about big summer transfer targets is as much of a nonsense now as it was then. Talking about SL's ambition and commitments to the club is equally so. The more I see of the shambles that is turned out week after week the more evident that is.

So much hope and excitement after last season only makes this feel even more desparate. Time for SL to think long and hard about what it is he now really wants and to act accordingly.

Me? I'm off to the pub shortly to have post Christmas drinks shortly who has cancer and who might not see another. Now that really is desparate.

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