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Lansdown makes even more ££££££ !!!!


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Read this in the Mail on Sunday the other day:



"......... from founders Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown, who founded the Bristol-based business from a bedroom in 1981 and still have a combined 48 per cent stake.

‘Peter stepped down some time ago. Stephen lives in Guernsey. We have a good relationship. They could say they wanted a seat on the board, but neither of them feel the need to do it,’ he says.

Thanks to the company’s share price performance this year, Messrs Hargreaves and Lansdown have seen their combined wealth rise by more than £1 billion in the last 12 months.

Full article here:


That's another £250M on paper in just one year for our benefactor whose frugality is more akin to someone with a mere £100M fortune in total. 

We have probably the richest UK national in charge of a football club but with such a miserly attitude - go for it man. Instead of losing £8M a year for another 5 years (which he has done) go spend £20M say *ugger FFP like everyone else seems to.

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