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If your not going to Reading increased radio coverage range for the game

Never to the dark side

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If any one has not yet located Radio Bristol on Freeview, its channel 719.

As we are the away Bristol Team we SHOULD have full live coverage of our game.

Not yet available on Cable

Regarding Sky I think it MAY be available on a manual tune.

Maybe the guys and gals who live in the outer reaches of the aerial.

Cheltenham, Taunton, and  swindon can let me know what they get on freeview channel 719 in their aerial.

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1 minute ago, Never to the dark side said:

BBC London is the only local radio channel allowed on Sky,legally! and in the London aerial.

Although the codes are avaiable to obtain BBC radio London from the Sky dish from anywhere in the U.K. as well as  Europe.

By the way what does the Cotswols aerial get on Freeview channel 719?

Not sure as I use freesat. Some locals point towards Gloucester though most towards Oxford so probably one or other of those local stations. At least in my neck of the Cotswolds.

Here's a boring fact for the day - a third of all people living in the Cotswolds could fit inside the new Ashton Gate from 2016. There really are no buggers here at all. 

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2 hours ago, ChippenhamRed said:

I've only just discovered freeview 719 and it's a revelation here in Chippenham - the first time I've been able to listen to games at home rather than edging up and down the driveway hunting for a weak signal in the car!

Are we in the company of Landed Gentry ??  How long is the drive leading to the estate :whistle:

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1 minute ago, ChippenhamRed said:

Ha, if only. When I say 'edging', we're talking millimetres!!!

I assure you my drive is only long enough for a couple of cars and the bins!

Yes CR but the last time I came to your pad, the cars belonged to your Butler and Nanny and the 20 bins were full of empty Champers bottles :thumbsup:

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