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Financial Fair Play


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Just a thought re the title. I think we may find ourselves in some predicament with it. 

We have a transfer window now open, quite possibly requiring up to 6 players brought in ( i doubt we'll even get 3!). 

However, if we were to so say get our targets, i can see nothing short of maybe £6m being spent. As its a sellers market, prices ( and wages ) may well be inflated to a ridiculous level. 

Should we manage what we need, we may well be heading into Fulham/Forest territory of a fine/transfer embargo for next season. 

Now, if we had done this correctly in January this wouldve been fine but, as i'd love us to sign all we need, i have a feeling we'll be looking for loans, i.e doing it on the cheap what with FFP in mind. I hope i'm wrong, hearing SC say no signings imminent today is worrying ( i hope hes saying this so we can sign people without losing them to other clubs ). 

Hopefully we get a new Number 1 GK as FF isnt the answer. We now need another CB with Moore gone back, defensive and creative midfielders and quite possibly 2 strikers. Far too much to get done in January i feel, certainly a lot if we are doing some of it by loans, but a massive cost and future repurcussions should we do it by transfer fees!!!!

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I may be wrong but I believe we're allowed to lose £13m under FFP when this season's outlay is reviewed. 

Anyway, I shouldn't have thought it would be a problem particularly if we were up for spending £9m on a single transfer within the same FFP period. 

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