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Season ticket renewals

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Ok I know this is a bit early but read a couple of comments in another post so just out of interest, given the summer transfer fiascos, the season so far and us currently struggling to field a team let alone one able to compete, who would renew for next season? Would you renew regardless? Would you renew if prices dropped? Do you think the prices should drop? Have you already decided you have better things to do with with your weekends?

Me personally, I have a little one due in April so the Mrs will not be renewing and I doubt that I will. I think we are lucky the prices we paid this season are already pretty low so wouldn't expect them to drop even if we were relegated. It's a cost I can barely justify so my decision has been made up for me. If this wasn't the case I would like to think I would renew which ever league we were in, always have done. Seeing us go down without adding quality this month and not putting up a fight might just have been too much to take, if that does prove to be the case.

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