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'Owner Underestimated Championship'


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"XXXXXX's philosophy is that we should try and keep our losses to a reasonable level," YYYYYY added.

"The strategy is to have a mix of academy-produced players, young overseas talent with some experienced British players.

"This is a very competitive league and we have put a little too much faith in our overseas players to suddenly come in and play 46 games a year."

YYYYYY also admits the club need to improve their communications with supporters.

"The board accepts it's not been as good as it could and they are taking a number of steps to improve that," he said.

"But it's important to realise that no football club gets all things right."



And it's not even an article about BCFC.  It seems that other clubs are finding it equally tough to make progress in this league.  The key difference between us and Charlton is that their fans want their owner out.

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