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Kodjia (again)

Dolman Block B

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Having watched my football club for 45 years or more it's rare to see see exceptional talent come through  

We have had a few but this lad is special, that's a dead cert

A player that can eventually play at the highest level of British football or World football 

You have to give credit to the scouts and club for taking a punt on him at 2 million but that is doubled already

We need this guy up front for a very long time

He will get even better building body strength and awareness

He got the pace, and in his first season at Championship level he looks completely at home


WBA defenders struggled to compete with his strength 


Sadly, as he gets better loads top clubs will come sniffing for him

The good thing is as a football club he is a massive asset and worth a fortune

Just hope he is part of our Championship campaign next season


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I think he has worked on his upper body strength TBH TNG. Earlier this season, he was being knocked off the ball with ease but he certainly isn't now. If he could be a bit more 'team' oriented ie be more aware of where his team mates are and a bit more clinical, we would have one hell of a player on our hands. He has certainly been the brightest spark in a very dour half season, that's for sure!

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4 minutes ago, Red Right Hand said:

For any that were there, how did he work with Freeman? The commentary from BBC WM were often saying  they were interpassing and it was LF`s free kick he scored from. Be nice to put those `they`ve fallen out and won`t pass to each other` rumours to bed.

Who's supposed to have fallen out with who RRH? I haven't heard that one.

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Oh there was a thread on here last week I think where someone had `noticed` that LF would rather play a square ball than try and put JK in and that he never celebrated with him, stuff like that. It all led to a `have they fallen out rumour`. Load of bollox IMO but it would be nice to have it confirmed that it`s not the case.

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Blimey! Thanks for that. I must have missed that one. 

In all fairness, JK makes brilliant runs and it's crying out for the right pass but I hadn't noticed if it's generally LF that doesn't make them or another player. We certainly don't take advantage of the runs JK makes IMHO.

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