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Oi, come on, get it out..!!


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Whilst trying to avoid offering the number of Samaritans number as an alternative, and in true counselling style, it's apparently good to get your frustrations out on the table in order to help make you feel better...

Okay, let me get mine out...

  • Shit football with little in the way of attacking urgency or any type of attacking creativity or movement
  • The ball has become a hot-potato hence we mostly go long and give it away most time as we have nobody who can hold it up
  • There's no passion on the park but at least Cott's wants to fight the fans now which at least makes it a bit interesting at the Gate
  • There's little in the way of constructive communication coming from OUR club, other than it's become a blame culture and it's everybody else's fault
  • Nobody seems to love our club anymore hence nobody wants to come here, especially quality new players
  • SL clearly doesn't want to chase the dream anymore given we failed and it cost him a packet last time
  • We've stopped believing and it's become normal to moan again :( 

Wow, that's it, I feel much better now :) 

Next... :) 



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