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This team can't compete.


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I'm sorry but for everything Cotterill did that was good. He has been a great servent and taken us as far as he physically could. 


This team can easily compete in this league as it is right now. Unfortunately Cotts used them tactically wrong. Interesting stat that shows with a different manager who is more in touch with the championship and slightly better we will comfortably stay up.

12 points lost this season from conceding goals in final 10 minutes of games.... That isn't a team who can't compete, that's a managerial fault for not changing things to close games out. 

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Yep, good post and stat.... and by 5:00pm on Saturday who knows, we may even have taken 6pts off of the team that will end up running away with this league.

Forever in debt to Cotts for last season, but now looking forward to a fresh start to the second half of this season.

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