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Cotts is gone - for  better or for worse. Pointing fingers at this moment in time will not solve anything, but would be interested to know this....


How can board members at the club feel it is okay to take partial plaudits/credit for the magnificent season we had last year, but not take any blame or stump up any answers for the failings of the club this season? Last season - prancing round the pitch with two trophies, coming out making statements of how wonderful the club is, taking plaudits off fans for the way in which the club is run. This year - silence. Total silence. No defending the manager, players etc etc. No real answers for supporters who have very real concerns for the club.


Tell you what, if you want to come out and claim plaudits for last season, fine, but at least have the balls to stand up and take partial responsibility for this seasons failings. You are not telling me that Steve Cotterill is the ONLY person to blame for this seasons situation. Letting a man the cares passionately about our club take 100% of the fall for this season in my opinion is disgusting, especially after being so willing to step into the limelight at the back of last season.

To me, it shows truly that some of these high and mighty people that run our club are nothing more than just weasels. Steve was incredibly stubborn at times, i get that, however he did try to do it the right way whilst here at Bristol City & has provided many people lots of memories that will stay with them forever. I do understand the logic behind relieving him of his duties, however I feel that the way he has been treated it probably unjust. A little bit more respect for the man that led us to one of the clubs most successful years in it's history wouldn't have gone a miss....






I think it's fair to say 

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