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Why are people?


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Why are people mentioning Holloway?

I would rather rip my japs eye off than see that gas p***k near BCFC. 'Let's play spot the s**thead', 'they've given us some shit those sh***ead bas@@@ds' yet some fans on FB are saying yes to him as OUR Manager?

I must have missed the point where we love everything gas? What on earth are these fools saying?

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Thankfully Holloway's stock is probably at it's lowest in his managerial career. Murdoch's Mob may like to wheel him out every 5 minutes as their court jester/village idiot, but his managerial credentials after his spells at Palace (latterly) and Millwall aren't  too clever, I'd like to think our owner/board aren't really THAT stupid, but......................

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