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Bryan Reid Burns Agard to start and drop Wilbraham and Pack

Never to the dark side

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10 minutes ago, Never to the dark side said:

as Pack is good passer of the ball,SIDEWAYS.

Wrap up well every one, its a bright sunny day,but very very cold.

Morning John hope your well mate. have to agree with havan Wilbs brings out the best in Jimmy, but I agree with the rest of the changes.

Chris from Darlington 

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I'd keep Reid and Burns on the bench for the time being.  My team would be:


Ayling Flint Baker Williams

Little    Smith    Pack   Bryan

    Kodjia   Wilbraham

* Freeman to be rested - would give a lot of options from the bench.

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It's clear that you get told things by people around the club.... Like you TM I have a "source" I don't write anything here as it would betray the trust I've been given.

I got it slightly wrong

Please don't be a smart arse and gloat about it. It's beneath you

I knew it wouldn't be 3-5-2.





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