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Betting been suspended on Pembo


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2 minutes ago, BCFC@Frome said:

Possibly because they pay out if in caretaker/interim manager for 10 games and he started that run today. Just preventing having to pay out if we don't appointment anyone until the summer.

Ohh I see :) Gotta a bit concerned then. Don't get me wrong top man imo, but just think it would be a Milly situation over again, wrong time!!

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10 hours ago, Gillies Downs Leeds said:

"Psycho" has been moved in from 20/1 to 10/1 as well in the last half an hour.

Please don't spoil a Winning Feling Sunday Morning with such worrying news

Perhaps SL is going to sign David James again and Psycho is going to play him up front

OMG I'd rather have .......even.........OMG.........Appleton :o


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