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5 minutes ago, Bristol Rob said:

Given the Bristol Sport career development model (groundsman to head of the Universe for example), I'm tempted to wager a half time draw ticket seller might get the nod.

I think you are ignoring the ticket seller's talent on FIFA, a highly useful tool in the company Career Development Scheme.....

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16 minutes ago, Phileas Fogg said:

If people think Pearson wouldn't operate under the title of "head coach" Warnock certainly won't.

If Warnock was offered a lucrative contract - i.e. one last big deal before retiring - I'm sure he would take it. He has a big ego and the thought of rescuing City would appeal to him. Just like the 5th Cavalry coming over the hill to rescue the settlers from the pesky Indians. Any signings whist he was here would be made in the next couple of months, and he would only be here for approx 4 months,so I'm sure he could live with signings being made by Mark Ashton 

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Started out with Justin Edinburgh, who's odds shifted immediately out from 14 to 34-1, had a nibble at Monk and then, for safety put my last pound on Pearson. 

This is the last of my SoD-appointment winnings, so it needs to be one of those three or I'm done for. 

Can't there is a stand out runner in this field. Pearson probably my fav but seems to have some of the dodgy Cotts traits, can't see Moyes here and in any event suspect he has little knowledge of the Championship. 




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25 minutes ago, 'keepuplino' said:

The question is why are we running this system when its failed in the past?

And the other system has been soooo successful for the club ! 

I really feel that we need to get away from the Manager / Dictator post .

In this day and age the pressures are too much and the stakes are too high to leave everything in the hands of just one man . Cotts is burnt out after 18 months , meaning that we have to start all over again and it's likely that we'll have to pay out to change all his coaching staff and pay again to bring in the new manager's coaching staff .Let alone the possibility that we could be back where we where in League 1 so that it all counted for nothing .

The continental system is much more logical and leaves the head coach time to concentrate on ' coaching ' .

A club has a way of playing where by players can be easily identified and brought in and improved.



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3 minutes ago, Oxheart said:

Sky have just reported that we have around 30 serious applications. The club have said they will take weeks rather than days to do due diligence on them before narrowing the list down to a few applicants. 

If they take weeks.....then it really proves what a shambles the club is.

I personally believe they have in mind who they want, and they have been speaking to said person for the last few days. 

To get rid of a manager now....with nothing in the pipe line, would be idiotic.

Then again.....the way this season has gone, nothing would suprise me

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