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ALan Curbishley


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Is there any reason why he would not make the perfect appointment?

1) Let's get the predictable 'joke' out the way .... accommodation will not be a problem and he can rent out his out spare dwellings to new signings.

2) Great coach with impressive track record. Good tactician and seemed astute in the transfer market. Tipped as a future England manager at one stage and with good reason.  Excellent points per game record even in the Premiership with non-elite teams.

3) Gets results without being a dictator.

4) Has good knowledge of the Championship from his recent association with Fulham

5) Would work in the Head Coach role and that looks to be the inevitable set-up after the appointment of Mark Ashton.

6) Worked with an existing structure at Fulham and would do likewise here and keep Wade and John Pemberton.  The staff and the players seem 'together' with a good professional attitude.  No big-time Charlie's and that's credit to Cotts. We don't want to rip things up with either the playing staff or coaching set-up and just need about four quality additions for the squad from the cream of lower or realistic overseas leagues..

7) Presumably a cheaper but still quality option compared to the unrealistic Pearson and Moyes.  Pearson being unrealistic because he would want to be a Cotts style 'complete control' manager rather than Head Coach.   Moyes being unrealistic because he will want a bigger opportunity.

8) He still has a status that would be big enough to attract good players.

The main negative issue for me is the (unknown) reason why has hasn't been offered a top role for so many years. Has he got the ambition, is he too comfortable away from the 24 / role of leadign a football club? Despite his role at Fulham is he out of touch now at the sharp end?

Glen Hoddle is another one who has been out of the game despite have good coaching credentials and some managerial success.  I suspect part of the reason is that both are financially comfortable (insert Bristol property joke) and, with Premiership offers unlikely, it might take a big offer and a very attractive project to attract them. 

With the new stadium and the resources of SL then I think City would be attractive.   Could be an inspired choice?

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1 minute ago, REDOXO said:

And he has property here!

however joking apart it's as good a shout as any. 

agree, does fit the bill and I expect the board will know all this as well, I am really hoping for an appointment that will give us all a lot of hope and not despair and will put us on the map again, sick to death of BCFC being a butt of jokes and looked down on by the elitist on the BBC and elsewhere

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2 hours ago, Big Red Rich said:

Rather go for Hoddle.

I might agree with that on one condition, that his contract stated that he is only allowed whilst employed by the club to talk about football matters and not the other nonsense he sometimes drifts into.

But again another who has been out of day to management for a long time.

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