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Vincent Tan


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I've just watched The Fantasy Football Club on Sky, guest on there was Daniel Gabbidon & during the chat with Max & Mers, they asked about everyone's favourite chairman!!

A couple of quality tales were.....

While Gabbidon was put in caretaker charge, Tan contacted him & told him to instruct David Marshall (Cardiff goalkeeper) to kick the ball long & straight as Tan thought he would be able to score goals!!


They were then also instructed to get all the defenders in for a meeting with Tan, where Tan went on to show them a video of one of their defenders scoring a goal from their own half & he wanted them all to be trying this out as they should all be scoring more goals!!


Mers' response was one of disbelief when Gabbidon told them!!


For those that still have the nerve to have a dig a SL while the current manager situation is ongoing, please be aware as to how lucky we are & how bad things could actually be!!


Sorry if this has been shared before.

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I think Tan and the other foreign owners  sum up what I hate regarding the Premier league and why these foreign owners are here. They have no knowledge or interest in football, they are here for one reason,money. They are only interested in making  money out of the cash cow which is the Premier league. 

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