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Charlton drinks and numbers (MERGED)

Rocking Red Cyril

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Ahh the Antigallican...

My 'local' for many a year.

Very basic pub, looks like they have been trying to do it up for years inside but never have.  They are always very friendly to away fans, and is always the designated 'away' pub.  The Charlton fans drink in Greenwich and get the train in and/or drink down on the main road at the rose of denmark or at the top of charlton in the bugle horn.

If you are coming in from London, you will be met by the Police (standard) who will usher you down the platform and through the gates.  Its literally down a slope and the Anti is on the opposite side of the road.  It is opposite all the bus stops where all the Police will be parked up in their vans.  The Police also stand on the corner of the main road to watch the drinking, but they can be good value for a bit of chat with away fans whenever I have been out running past the pub on match days.

Coaches usually drop off on the main road and its just a case of walking up the road on that side (away from the roundabout) to the anti.  It does get super busy on match days, with many people being forced to drink outside. 

Charlton are a good family club, so we dont need to give it 'large'.

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Word of warning for everyone expecting to get a train from Waterloo East to Charlton. I understand that national rail trains aren't running between Waterloo East and London Bridge. It doesn't make too much difference as you can get the jubilee from Waterloo to LB but the Charlton train will start at London Bridge.

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