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...It's possible then that Riga will aim to play cautiously for 60-70 minutes, try to make it a battle, prevent City 'winning it' and then assess options. At that point we might see both Lookman and Sanogo given a run. This is a must win game, but Riga's priority will be not to lose it. The good news is that he has a number of ways to win the game if he can prevent Bristol City making their superior possession count. 

Fantastic analysis as ever Mundell, but I hope Jose Riga is not going to be too wary and play the percentage game.

I know pleasing supporters is not his top priority, but after the terrific scoreline from the Rotherham game hopes are going to be high at the Valley on Saturday; a lot of supporters just won't be able to help themselves.

If we play a defensive game and things go wrong (we concede an early goal) the crowd's reaction could be volatile to say the least. Many will be expecting Charlton to try to dominate and impose their pattern on the game, not try to soak up a wave of Bristol City pressure.

There is a lot of goodwill towards Riga at the moment. But just as there are a number of ways to win he game, there is more than one way to lose it.
If we go down by the odd goal in five or seven in a "you attack, we attack" thriller, the aftermath will be a lot less damaging than if we allow Bristol City to run the game and lose it before we were even in it.
We have seen too many 3-0 defeats and worse to accept any more capitulations, even under the second coming of our own 'Special One'.

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