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7 - 4 - 6 the magic number, nothing less


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Working on the wildly held belief that 50 points would secure a continuance of Championship football then 7-4-6 is the WIN DRAW LOSE sequence of results in the final 17 games of the season to accumulate the additional 25 points we need.

Can we do it? Its not an impossible task if you ignore the fact that we have to win almost twice as many from 17 as we have done in 29 matches to date. A massive turnaround in form is required.

The remaining matches in February will determine our fate in my opinion:

Charlton AWAY

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For us to need 50 points, also requires a significant improvement from our rivals (exactly the same as us from Rotherham, and 24 from 18 vs. 26 from 28 so far for MK). Not sure there's much evidence this is likely? We need 1 more point than Rotherham, the same (or possibly 1 fewer given GD) than Charlton and no worse than 3 fewer than Bolton. This excludes MK and Fulham who aren't ripping up trees. By no means certain, but a lot easier than a sudden change in form to get to 50 points? Bookies much more optimistic, somewhere around 5/2 currently, fifth 'favourites'. 

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