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FAN Meeting Agenda - Tuesday 9th Feb


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There's a meeting of FAN on Tuesday night. Having elected a new Chairman in the last meeting, this session with be chaired by City fan Jeremy Palmer. The agenda has been set by supporters having invited suggestions from fans on this forum and on the newly created facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BristolCityFAN/)

After the Chairman sets out his opening thoughts the meeting will focus on three main agenda items;

  1. 2016/17 Tickets & Locations
  2. Matchday Experience
  3. Supporter Liason Officer

The meeting will conclude with a Q&A based on various topics. The full agenda is attached.

What do you think supporters should be telling the Club on these topics?


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Re names of stands I wonder if there is a wider question of George Ferguson calling the Stadium the Bristol Sport Stadium. Perhaps the club/Bristol Sport did correct him and I missed that, if they didn't I think they ought to have. 

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10 minutes ago, steviestevieneville said:

I sit in A block and it does take longer. Is it because a lot of the south stand and most of the Dolman leave at the Atyeo end creating a bottleneck. 

I'm in B. Reckon you're probably right and the delays are now backing up from the concourse rather than when previously it was just caused by the slowness of leaving the stand. 

Problems just shifted elsewhere I guess. 

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Dolly. I'm unable to get to meeting so some comments from me. I don't have solutions just problems.

It is very slow getting out of the upper levels of South Stand. It is clear now that exits should have been installed at the very top.

Also some real thought is required about concourse segregation;

Queueing for drinks/food.

Queueing for toilets. And people entering toilets through the exit!

Area to sit/stand and talk/consume food/drink

Passage through the concourse is almost impossible before game and especially at half time because of all the preceding. 

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