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Being smarter with what we've got.


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There is a lot being said about ugently needing a forward to put the ball in the back of the net at the moment, but we should also be looking at being smarter with what we already have as well.

We have scored one goal all season from midfield. We have scored one goal all season from outside the box (lowest in the division), our set pieces have largely been dreadful and our corners even worse. These are areas we could certainly improve on with what we have with the right training and strategies.

Last season we were imperious from corners. The set piece routine worked a treat. Our big lads would all huddle/line up between the six yard box and the penalty spot, blocking each others markers then peel off and find space. We scored numerous goals last season doing this yet have not done it once this season. Why?

Instead we have had to put up with the generally embarrasing delivery of Bobby Reid, squandering threatening positions time and time again. Thankfully Lee Tomlin has arrived and we should see an upturn in this area.

I hope LJ has studied what we have been doing at set pieces and what kind of runs our midfielders are making to support what is effectively an isolated Kodgia up top. A few more goals from these areas could make all the difference.

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Earlier in the season Kodjia was scoring for fun, but his efforts were worthless as we could never score as many, or more than we were conceding.

The biggest change recently has been that our defence has strengthened. I think it is fair to say that we are have notion clinical enough in front of goal, and don't take enough chances. However, there must have been loads of pressure on our strikers when they knew that we needed 3 goals a game to have a chance of a draw. If they now see that we are keeping clean sheets, there might be less pressure on them and the goals will come as a result.

1-0 wins from here on in will do just fine.

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