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Thank you Bristol Rovers - the 2014-16 souvenir thread and poll

Eddie Hitler

BRFC 2014-16  

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Well, it's been a glorious two years.  The Gas has fused football and comedy in a way not seen since the days of Baddiel and Skinner chuckling through Fantasy Football League.

And like all the best comedies they have ended it before it it became too obvious or repetitive.

For all the laughs that have lifted our spirits when things weren't so good, or made our championship season even better: Bristol Rovers, Dopey Darryl, Nick "watertight" Higgs and their ever-delusional fanbase that just added to it so so much we salute you.

So what, before the memories fade like a neglected white plastic garden chair in the rain, was your personal highlight?  The one that casued the jaw-dropping moment of disbelief followed by a huge laugh?  Vote now!


And also a big thank you to the creative types who have produced clips and videos scattered across the behemoth that is the Rovers thread.  Please collect your favourite ones here so that they get the renewed exposure and credit that they deserve.

There were several variants on this already hilarious picture IIRC:




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The day the gas went down i cried, I cried with laughter at the guy who after living throught the thatcher years and his dog dying, two divorces etc still tortured himself by following that rabble, a club who will in my opinion still supply plenty of laughs for years to come, afterall it's the only thing they do well.

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